NIKE MURAL Sports Direct Flagship store Cardiff

Hannah Davies has been working with Nike to create this beautiful mural for the brand-new Sports Direct flagship store in Cardiff city Centre. She is a part of a group of Local Welsh artist chosen to transform the store and inspire.

Hannah has had the chance to adorn two columns in the Nike Apparel section. Inspiration was Nike sports equipment, water bottles, skipping ropes, bags along with laces. Delving into intricate pattern and colourways. Hannah has created a beautiful intricate feminine pattern that is eye catching and sophisticated. She has brought elements of Mind, body and movement into each section promoting healthy life style within the brand.

Hannah also created a long mural for the apparel ladies sneakers section.

This was inspired by Nike sportswear, leisure and training. The shoes were used to create an interesting collection of patterns, playing with scale and neon colours.

ZIZZI Bridgend

Hannah Davies makes her mark on the walls of a Zizzi Ristorante in Wales.

Zizzi Bridgend opened earlier this month and wowed diners with a beautiful interior and mural art by Hannah.

As part of Zizzi’s commitment to develop talent and allow artists to showcase their work, Hannah is one of a team of artists and designers the restaurant is working with. Her design is inspired by Ogmore Castle and the myths and stories that surrounds this area.

The Ogmore Castle was built by the Normans. There was conflict between the Normans and the Welsh. Even though it was punishable by death the Welsh would regularly poach the deer that lived on the land.  

A Welshman was caught poaching on the land and was taken back to the castle for torture. However, the daughter of the land begged that the Welshman be spared and insisted the Welsh be given the land to hunt freely. The lord of the land agreed under one condition.  

The land should be no greater than the distance she could walk barefoot between now and the sunset.  

The story was a spark for Hannah to create a large design centred on a face within the sun, as a representation of the Lord’s daughter.

Boo’s Window & Tee-shirt design

A local commission for Hannah based in mumbles.

Hannah had the opportunity to make over/ illustrate a large window at the front of Boo’s Coffee shop in mumbles! Using posca pens and detailed line work, the whole window is brought to Life, given a total new look to the plant-based coffee shop!

Mehndi Window

Hannah Davies collaborates on a window design based on henna patterns.

Working with artists Rena, Twhaida, Zubs, and Jorna for The Street Matters Project, Hannah created an eye-catching window design inspired by traditional Mehndi or henna patterns.

The collective effort involved gathering images of beautifully painted hands from local families and friends, capturing the festive and wedding celebrations they adorned. In a workshop, they crafted intricate designs, drawing from the rich heritage of Mehndi art.

Mehndi, derived from crushed plant leaves, serves as a temporary tattoo, making it an organic medium. Historically, the leaves were crushed both manually and using mills. When applying the paste, people often use lemon juice or oil to enhance the fixation and deepen the design’s colour.

Beyond the captivating visuals, the window display also incorporates a thought-provoking series of messages aimed at empowering local climate activism.

Album cover Bronwen Lewis

‘Rolling Stone’ A single from her album.

Artwork for the amazingly talented Bronwen Lewis.

The importance of dreams Waitrose Weekend

Hannah Davies works for Waitrose Weekend on a feature discussing the importance of dreams.
Waitrose Weekend tells us that dreams can help to tackle issues in our everyday lives, and gives us clues to interpret them.
Hannah’s art with its visionary quality combines symbolic elements with a mauve palette, used across the double page for maximum effect.


Jayne Wallace Psychic Sisters

Hannah Davies commission for Jayne Wallace Psychic Sisters.

Delve into the universe and gain insight and wisdom from above in The Moon and Stars Tarot, a lavish, unique 78-card deck inspired by the constellations, lunar cycles, planets and night sky.
Unravel the messages and guidance sent to you from above the earthly plains with The Moon and Stars Tarot. With specially commissioned illustrations that are filled with powerful imagery, the deck will help you tap into messages sent from the moon, stars, planets and zodiac signs. You will be able to enrich and nurture your intuition by connecting to lunar energies, while bringing strength to your daily life and light to moments of darkness, just as the moon does to the night. The accompanying book provides interpretations for all the cards, including keywords, a star message and a moon magic affirmation, as well as card spreads which range from a card of the day to more complex layouts for deeper insight.
Published on the 12th of September
I illustrated this Taro for Jayne this year. We had great fun working together again its published on the 12th of September!


Sitting Comfortably Book Illustration

Teaching us how to focus on the physicality of a formal meditation practice, Hannah Davies illustrates for the new book, Sitting Comfortably. Sitting Comfortably is a guide to setting up your long-term healthy and enjoyable meditation practice and explores the physical issues that may arise while sitting, from painful knees to tight hamstrings. Hannah’s composed and decorative illustrations take the reader on a journey as Swami Saradananda shows how yoga preparation, breathing and adapting postures can help to strengthen the body to be able to maintain a sitting meditation.
The book is broken down into 8 chapters, including: Overcoming obstacles to meditation; The art of sitting for meditation; Stretches/yoga poses that can help you sit comfortably; Breathing exercises (pranayama); Diet and lifestyle; Off your cushion and into the world. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this is the ultimate guide to preparing to meditate.



Your Family Tree Waitrose Weekend

Appearing in the current issue of Waitrose Weekend, Hannah Davies’ illustration adorns a double page spread.
The feature tempts the reader to look back in time and trace their ancestors whilst asking, ‘Will you find royalty or robbers?’
Hannah’s rich and decorative artwork complements the text which reports that tracing one’s family tree has become an increasingly popular pastime during lockdown, as well as Netflix binging and online yoga!



South American Airline Chicago

Hannah was commissioned recently by a south American airline to illustrate Chicago in her style. She came up with this!
A retro bright/ bold detailed illustration capturing all the interesting architecture of the city.


Swami Saradananda Cleansing Power of Yoga

Hannah has been working closely with Watkings publishing to illustrate Swami Saradananda latest book. She has worked on a series of Swami’s books and was thrilled to be asked to illustrate the latest. Hannah was captivated by the themas for each chapter. She worked very closely with the Author to get this right. Each chapter delves deeply into a particular sense. She worked with inks, watercolours and mix media to create mood and atmosphere.

Talbots breast cancer awareness

We were delighted to see three of our female illustrators join forces with Talbot to help create a unique collection that features five limited-edition, one-of-a-kind scarves created by internationally renowned female artists. 20% of net proceeds benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation.
We spoke to the three illustrators about the influences and inspiration behind their scarf design.
Hannah Davies who combines pattern designs and illustration to create new and unique works of art, tells us,
“I was inspired by the strength of all women who struggle with breast cancer, and the constant show of support from friends and family near and far. The lioness is a symbol of courage, reminding us that together we can beat this disease.”

Hannah’s inspiration for the scarf design was taken from personal experiences in her life. She understands the struggles that women go though with breast cancer and the importance of coming together in times of need. In the illustration the hands represent support from family and friends and also togetherness when individuals need this most. The lioness is a symbol of strength and courage. It’s there to remind us this illness can be beaten though determination and positivity. Hannah hoped the scarf would spread courage and happiness.

HM joins forces to celebrate Diwali 2018

Hannah’s highly decorative illustrations were recently used by HM to feature across their site and in their stores as part of their advertising campaign for the Indian Dwali festival.
Diwali or Dipavali is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”.
Hannah’s bright and vivid illustrations were also brought to life in a stunning animation which you can see in her portfolio.

Waitrose festive packaging

As the festive season draws closer and the shops begin to fill with seasonal goodies be sure to visit Waitrose and stock up on these delights.
Drawing design inspiration from Scandinavian Christmases, Hannah’s delicate and simple line illustrations, which were hand drawn in ink and collaborated with photography, can be found on an array of items from Christmas food gifts such as chocolate truffles and fruited panettone to beautifully scented handwashes.

Thomas Sabo Chakra Collection

The store in South Molton Street, London was host to an evening of celebration and where Hannah’s work for this new collection could be seen. Her nature inspired patterned artwork represents the new Chakra collection and has been used across all the promotion and as a backdrop projection on the night. She says “The opening was a chance for me to see the illustration in large scale and also meet Mr Sabo and the lovely team I have been creating this illustration for.” 

Vogue Japan Horoscopes

The Horoscope special illustrated gracefully by Hannah asks ‘Who’s Your Angel?’ and is packed with owls and cats, insects and birds, with a central feather clad figure – calm and serene.

Hong Kong Christmas Display

Hannah’s spectacular creations were transformed into Christmas decorations for the lighting show in Victoria Harbour where she was invited to be a part of the opening ceremony and interviewed about her work and inspiration. The event included a colouring session for school children and youth groups – where Hannah could collaborate with young artists from across the world.  She says “The inspiration for the lighting installation was the imaginative stories told to me as a child. I delved into my childhood memories of Christmas tales and discovered many magical adventures with reindeers . My grandmother used to tell me stories about reindeers flying though the sky spreading love, peace and hope at Christmas . I was also inspired greatly by detailed Christmas patterns. Decorative, dreamy fine lines. I looked into microscopic patterns of snowflakes and used this in my mural to create a beautiful scene.”  Hannah was thrilled to be asked to create the artwork and showcase her work in a fantastic location, she continues “I really hope to inspire everyone at Christmas to spread love and peace all over the world. It’s been a pleasure visiting Hong Kong, the hospitality has been outstanding and everybody is so friendly. The experience has helped me develop as an artist. Hong Kong has given me so much inspiration for future design projects. Thank you Hong Kong!” The display is showing until January 3rd.

Sanctuary Let Go

The Sanctuary’s research has shown that 6 out of 10 women feel they are not getting enough ‘me time’ which brought about their ‘Colour Yourself Calm’ campaign to encourage women to let go and take time out. Commissioned by Southpaw Agency, Hannah has created two ornate colouring-in ads and a candle box design for the brand, in her organic nature inspired lines. When the customer spends over £11 online at The Sanctuary, they receive a free candle packaged in a box which they can colour in. 

Bluewater Shopping centre

Representing the Bluewater Shopping Centre for the next few months is Hannah Davies’s intricate web of detailed drawings. Summing up all that is available at the popular shopping centre, the illustration is being used on their Facebook page cover photo, their website, a mobile banner, a mall guide and a gatehouse banner.

3D Colouring Book New York

This 3d New York colouring book is being published this month, hooray! This was a great chance as an artist to delve into the quirky streets of New York and also put my own stamp and creative flair into the book. It’s been a pleasure researching all the different locations as I have keen passion for travel and exploring the world. Architecture is a great inspiration to me.

The book provides you with your own 3D glasses and a colour chart. This colour chart explains when you used particular colours next to each other this will create a fantastic 3D effect!
Warmer colours jump off the page and cooler colours merge into the page this way you can create and control your own 3d effect, Happy Colouring!

Mudras For modern life

Hannah Davies works artistic wonders for the health and wellbeing book ‘Mudras for Modern Life’.
Commissioned by Watkins publishing, Hannah produced six chapter opening illustrations and cover art for the book which aims to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue, increase creativity and inner strength, all through using hand gestures in yoga. Hannah says “It was extremely important to capture the right emotion for every chapter to inspire the reader. I feel like I really had a chance to show my true style in this book by combining water-colours and my layered textiles papers with intricate hand drawn design . I was left to my own devises to create a true representation of each Mudra. It was a pleasure working with Watkins publishing and a joy to make this fantastic book come alive with my vibrant illustrations.”

Womens Weekly The Man with the Healing Hands

Using watercolours, inks, textured paper and pencils, Hannah’s beautiful designs and patterns for this commission encapsulate the spiritual mood of the short story. She says “…this was an absolute pleasure, I had free range to use my imagination and structure my own brief and go wild with colour and pattern, capturing the story in a dreamy sense.” The magazine is out now. 

Fiat Fiat 500 Valentines Weekend

Fiat 500 with doodles and patterns for a Valentine’s Weekend campaign.
Working with Krow Communications, Hannah has used her black lines to create an ornate design on the exterior of the car and used on mail-outs to customers this weekend. Hannah’s inspiration came from cafe culture, travel and love, and allows the recipient to colour in the car and purchase a fiat 500 this weekend in any colour of the range for free.

Nippon Paint global artists for a subway art exhibition

A subway painting exhibition called “Fresh Beginning for Love” presented by Nippon Paint, the leading paint brand, has been on tour in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou since June 1, with the aim of turning common subway stations into a colorful art gallery.

For this exhibition, 32 artists and illustrators around the world were invited by Nippon Paint to create artworks with the theme of love. All the paintings were created using Nippon Paint’s environmentally friendly coatings. Under the illumination of lamplight, the artworks take on an especially vivid appearance. The 32 works will be exhibited in the biggest subway stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in turn and be rotated regularly. In this way, Nippon Paint brings a special visual feast to the subway stations in a way that allows commuters to enjoy the paintings in a fresh environment.

After touring the three cities, the 32 artworks will be sold at a charity bazaar at the end of this year. All the funds will be used for “Colour, Way of Love,” the charity platform of Nippon Paint China for Hope Project Schools, and to improve the teaching environment as well as art education.

Nippon Paint hopes that this philanthropic subway exhibition will inspire people who love beauty to look at their surroundings with fresh eyes and to fill their lives with colour.

June, July, August and September I will be exhibiting my work in the underground stations of, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing!!!!!!!
Promoting a paint company called Nippon Paint
Large scale. The theme of the event is love and pain, this is what i came up with!

Power of breath book cover

Power of breath is published January 2017. A cover for a beautiful book all about inner balance, health and harmony. So excited to show you all this cover, as you can see I was left to my own devices and let loose with pattern, shapes and watercolours. This topic is somthing I feel extramy strong about. It’s important to stay healthy inside and out. A great read by the amazing Swami Saradanamda.

Advance Nutrition Program package illustration

Hannah Davies’ decorative lines illustrate the packaging for Advance Nutrition Program IIAA.
The new packaging creates awareness of the natural ingredients of the supplements with Hannah’s line drawings of nature inspired swirls. The client has also created a paper cut-out of Hannah’s artwork.

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine

Hannah’s intricate piece is for a story in the magazine about sex and travel in Mumbai, India. Featured in their June/July issue it’s a beautifully crafted line illustration suggestive of the architecture, the mountains, the sun and moon and tactile pleasures.

20 Years of Viagra Front cover

Hannah Davies draws a patterned Sildenafil structure for the front cover of The Pharmaceutical Journal.
Hannah was commissioned to create a small rhombus ink and watercolour pattern for the feature on Sildenafil (Viagra). The article discusses the evolution of the drug which has been on the market for twenty years and treated over 64 million men worldwide; it may soon be classified as a pharmacy medicine in the UK.

25 Years of the National Lottery Decorative Map

The National Lottery in Wales celebrate their birthday with a decorative map by Hannah Davies.
Last week was the 25th birthday of the UK’s Lottery and saw South Wales Life Magazine feature a piece on how the investment from the draw has changed the area for the better with £457 million awarded to more than 7,700 good causes. Hannah’s artwork; a unique map of Wales featuring 14 of the most iconic landmarks funded over the last 25 years was proudly on display at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff – one of the iconic locations featured.

The Magical Nordic Tarot decorative illustrations

Hannah Davies’ stunning decorative illustrations adorn the latest tarot deck from Jayne Wallace.
Jayne Wallace and her Psychic Sisters who have been within Selfridges London for over 14 years recently commissioned Hannah to create this exciting new tarot deck, inspired by by old Nordic myths and folklore, from images of symbolic animals (like wolves and bears), to depictions of the Northern Lights and Nordic Tree of Life, The Magical Nordic Tarot is filled with powerful imagery.

Grange Hospital Mural

Hannah Davies designs a spectacular mural for the new Grange Hospital in Cwmbran Wales.
Working in line and black ink, Hannah has created beautiful landscapes inspired by the area of Cwmbran for the interior of its new hospital. Hannah visited the area to get a feel for the town and travelled by car and foot taking pictures and sketching. She explains, “I took a keen interest in the architecture in the town, the shapes, patterns and textures. I loved the 60s urban architecture, explored this in depth and wanted to capture the detail and depth of the community and life in Cwmbran. I liked the fact that I could portray a town in a playful manner using lines and textures so played around and experimented with angles, locations and perspectives, exploring surfaces as well as structure. The illustrations are hand drawn in black ink with a Staedtler pigment liner 0.05 – 0.5.” Now displayed in the hospital, the art gives the interior a sense of the outdoors and all the town has to offer and enjoy, embellished by Hannah’s design skills incorporating patterns and swirls.

Client List

Debenhams for Mathew Williamson  •  Michael O’Mara Books Limited  •  Buster Books  •  Mr Jones watches  •  Logitech  •  Computer Arts  •  Usborne Publishing  •  Oxford University Press  •  Disney  •  F&W media  •  Black dog Creative  •  Thomas Sabo  •  Sanctuary Spa  •  Fiat   •  Vogue Japan  •  Watkins publishing  •  Bloomsbury  •  Red magazine  •  Quintet Publishing  •  Nippon paint  •  23 Red  •  Hallmark  •  The London Magazine  •  Bluewater shopping centre  •  Waitrose  •  IIAA  •  Pharmaceutical Journal  • Conde Nast Traveller Magazine  •  Netflix  •  Frese & Woffe


New Designer Year One Award 2010


Hannah is an amazing artist, she did a wonderful illustration for my Tarot Deck “ The Crystal Power Tarot” she is easy to work with and has so much passion as an artist. I would high recommend her.
Jayne Wallace

Psychic Sisters

Hannah Davies is a go-to Buster favourite for fabulous designs that are inspiring to colour. Lovely to work with and extremely quick at fulfilling briefs, her enthusiasm for projects comes through in all the work that she has done for us.
Hannah Cohen

Buster Books

We are so happy with Hannah’s illustrations for Mudras for Modern Life. They are beautifully designed, vibrant and really capture the spirit of the mudras – just stunning! Hannah was a joy to work with on what was a challenging project, with lots of symbolism to include in every artwork. We would love the opportunity to work with her again.
Fiona Robertson

Editor, Watkins Publishing

Hannah had previously artworked one of our book covers: ‘Gaby’s Angel’ which we absolutely loved, I instantly knew that her unique, decorative style would be perfect for our cover of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Working with Hannah was a dream, she was very professional and extremely efficient taking on my initial sketch concepts to create a most beautiful, pretty and delicate cover that really gives this popular classic a fresh and contemporary feel. We are getting enormously positive feedback from the book trade on the new launch of our Children’s Classics series.
Sarah Darby

Oxford University Press

Hannah Davies is an incredible talent…from the minute I saw her work, I knew that people would want to be a part of it, just like I did. I’ve worked with Hannah on two successful books now, and she is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with!
Jeannine Dillon

Editorial Director , Quarto Publishing

It was a joy to work with Hannah on the cover illustration of the latest issue of our journal. She interpreted the brief beautifully, and the cover has been so popular we’ve had people asking where they can buy prints!
Abi Haynes

Editorial Manager, IPPR

Hannah has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her intricate and beautiful drawings always provide an exciting email to open, they are original and imaginative, yet to-brief. We have enjoyed her creative aptitude for bringing our vision to life and the process of creative collaboration. The amount of thought and detail that goes into Hannah’s illustrations is evident, for these reasons we have not hesitated to ask her to work with us again.
Alice Sambrook

Junior Editor, Quintet

Hannah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She understood the design brief quickly and produced some outstanding patterns for me at the drop of a hat! Hannah is creative without going off brief, she is efficient and dedicated to doing a good job. Thank you so much for your hard work!
Billy Waqar

Senior Designer, MOM Books


Taliesin   •   Plas Glyn-Y-Wedd   •   Gower Gallery   •   No47 Narbeth   •   Cobbles kitchen and Deli   •   Eden jewellery and Fashion